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New Town, New Family

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently moved in with a new host family, in a new town, not to far away from my old town. I am still getting to know the family. As it is the summer time my host brother is home from college; but, like me he is enjoying his vacation so I don’t see him a ton. I actually have been spending a lot of time at the beach. This town is so beautiful I wish I could bring you all here to enjoy it with me. But to save some money 😉 here are some pictures of the beautiful view.

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Not quite ready for vacation to end but excited for the new school year!


New Year, New Me! Plus Summer!

As the title states, its a New Year, therefore I am a new me! Here are some photos to remind you of the old (but still awesome) me.

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Now to introduce you to the new awesome Rosa!

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And of course who wouldn’t want to take the new me out into the sun to enjoy the wonderful Argentinian weather on the beach!?!? No one that’s who!



By now I am missing home a little more. This is the time of year you spend with family, and I have a big family back at home. On Christmas morning I was able to skype into their gift unwrapping which made me miss home even more. With that being said I decided to bring my kind of Christmas to my host family.


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I made a Christmas tree out of sticks, I hung homemade stockings over the fire place and I decked the halls with tensile and twine. It ended up not feeling entirely like Christmas, especially because it was so warm outside.

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Trip to Chile

So pretty much the day after Halloween I got to leave on a 2 week trip that would take me to the Southern most parts of Argentina (and the world) and into Chile!


The trip started our just like an adventure with our first event being Whale Watching!!! We also got to stop and eat spicy shrimp. The other Rotary students thought it was too hot, but I though it was delicious!

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We also visited the Salinas (a mountain of natural salt). Mid-air jump photo… success!


We got to Chile around the same time as my birthday! That’s right I turned 16 having each photo in a different country! While in Chile and southern Argentina I got to see some of the most beautiful sights. There were glaciers, with delicious ice, beautiful waterfalls, snow covered mountains, and some interesting museums. It’s a little difficult to describe the beauty of these locations or the fun I had but I hope the thousands of words these pictures hold get the message across. (‘-‘)

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All Hallows Eve & Día de Los Muertos


First let me say that Argentina does not celebrate Halloween or Día de Low Muertos the same way North America does. Here Halloween is seen as the night the evil spirits rise and roam. It is a night that everyone stays in, no one goes out. But if you do go out, you do NOT get dressed up. North America celebrates Halloween by dressing up to scare/ward off the evil spirits, but if done in Argentina you might be seen as a worshiper of El Diablo.

My sister and I where able to dress up as you see in my photos, but the Mom wouldn’t let us leave the house. Still a lot of fun.

#No trick or treating #No candy
#No trick or treating #No candy

On the day of Día de Low Muertos we didn’t do any special to celebrate. From my understanding though celebration is a little more formal compared to North America. There are still sugar skulls and baked pan, but instead of parades and fiestas, everyone goes to cemetery to visit their kin.

Catching Up

Sorry, it’s been too long since I updated everyone on my trip! It’s summer here and I have been enjoying the beach, weather, traveling and my new family. I recently switched host families and am getting use to having a 20 year old, older brother and all his friends; not much different from home I guess ;). These next few post might seem a little out of order but I need to catch you up on all my adventures!

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The Process

During my sophomore year in high I took a leap (a really big one) and applied to go abroad for my Junior year (like the whole year). I applied and after a very long and thorough process I got in.

-I had to do a primary interview

-Then an application, which required essays and  recommendations

-Then a 3-day meeting which had 3 interviews and activities with other applicants and the current inbound exchange students.

-Picking a country: 1. Argentina, 2. Ecuador, 3. Spain (probably one of the hardest parts, It just felt weird that I just had to circle a word and BOOM, I have to live there for the next year.)

-Receiving the awaited and important call saying you get accepted and which country I am going to

-Filling out another application, like one much harder to send to your host county (they have to accept you too.)

-Going to the mountains for a weekend with all the future out-bounders and giving presentations (I had to make a presentation about my country and myself in English and in Spanish) also listening and learning how to be an exchange student and all the logistics of going abroad and a lot of paperwork) I also got my blazer, business cards and pins!

-Then completing all the requirements to travel doctors visits, bank visits, fingerprints, and tons of paperwork.

-Hearing from your host family and learning a little bit about where you are going to stay (this was hard because my town was super small so I tried looking it up and trying to find maps of it but I could’t, I was just so eager)

-Traveling to Houston to get my Visa (Yes, I was mandated to.)

-Finally, getting everything and booking my flight

-My last days were filled with goodbyes and hanging out with my friends and family!





Now, this my seem like it was smooth process but there were many bumps in the road. However, I didn’t book my flight until that Friday and I was leaving Monday. 

Throughout this whole process the HARDEST PART was waiting. It was horrible all the work I put into everything, and then waiting to hear back, if it is good or not. From September till August was just me refreshing my email every two minutes checking my status everyday. Some days I would get so frustrated because I was just so eager to leave. It was hard when everyone was asking questions, because though out most of the time I didn’t know anything, I had no idea when I was going to leave and I only knew the name of the city I was going to.

However, It was all worth it and I actually gave me patience.

Anyways, I AM GOING TO  San Antonio Oeste, Rio Negro, ARGENTINA!


I am feeling all of the emotions:sad, scared, happy ,nervous, excited.

I leave Monday the 24th of August, at 4:30 pm on American Airlines, it will be a 15 hour trip from Denver to Dallas to Buenos Aires.

Hola Familia: Part 2

On the 15 hour bus ride, I imagined my new home. Although Buenos Aires had been amazing, I was nervous and ready to see the place I would be living in for the next year.

San Antonio Oeste was completely different from what I had imagined. Behind us was an ocean and as we drove up to “my house” I couldn’t stop looking out the window. Most of the streets are dirt roads and most buildings are 1 or 2 levels. I loved it. There’s no movie theater, no bowling alley, few shops, and no girls soccer. This was hard, but it just means I will find new ways to have fun.

The house was lovely. They have a dog, 3 cats, a parrot and a tortoise. I unpacked, hung my Colorado flag on the window, put my clothes away, and added final touches to officially make this my room.

Later that day I met my two sisters. Trini and Guille; they were very nice, but for sure it was a little awkward at first. However, within a couple days we watched movies, did our nails, and went to the beach together.

The same weekend, I met Bre, an exchange student from Canada, who will go also be here a year. She lives in a different town, but having some to talk to in English occasionally is really nice.

Hola Familia: Part 1

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